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1965 Ford Mustangs Gallery


Father-Son 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback Restomod a Gem for Bradley Belcher

When you come across 19-year-old Bradley Belcher and his father, Michael, standing next to a spectacular black 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback restomod at a car show, you’d likely believe Michael had brought both his car and his son to the show. And you‘d be wrong. This Mustang happens to belong to young Bradley ... read more



Former 1965 Mustang Hot Rod Project Car Is New Again

The Return of the Magic Mustang ... read more



Matt Alcala's 1965 Ford Mustang is Beyond Just a Track Car

Matt Alcala started out to build a basic driver/track rat, but got sidetracked somewhere along the way ... read more



One of the First Ford Mustangs Ever Built

Wearing serial number 00002, this is claimed to be the first Mustang hardtop to receive a VIN ... read more




This 1965 Ford Mustang is a Linebacker in a Three-Piece Suit

Classically Trained Killer: Concours class with hardcore brass -- the quintessential velvet hammer ... read more



Timeless Kustoms Built a Supercharged, Turbocharged, Widebody Mustang

The latest barrage of horsepower and handling from Timeless Kustoms in Camarillo, California, is evidenced in the Vicious Mustang, a 1965 fastback bulging with muscle and stuck to the tarmac with the very same rubber as the track-slaying Viper ACR ... read more



Ken Block Drops Climbkhana Trailer, Featuring the 1,400-HP "Hoonicorn" Ford Mustang

Well, now we know what those turbos are for ... read more


Ken Block's Hoonicorn is back with two turbos and 1,400 horsepower

The drift machine that starred in Gymkhana Seven was Ken Block's insane Hooniocorn. Since 845 horsepower apparently wasn't enough, Block has reworked the car into what he's calling Hoonicorn V2, and it's packing 1,400 horsepower ... read more



Army Vet Builds His 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback Dream Car as a Celebration of Life

Overcoming Adversity: Daniel McConnell went from knowing nothing about cars to building this 1965 fastback completely at home ... read more



Father and Son Design Award-Winning 1965 Ford Mustang

Family Challenge: A father and son 1,000 miles apart design an award-winning Mustang together ... read more



Al and Gary Schweitzer’s 1965 Ford Mustang World’s Fair Convertible

A Fair to Remember ... read more



Mike Faltesek's 1965 Ford Mustang Brings Back Lots of Great Memories

Long-Term Relationship ... read more



Garage-Find 1965 Ford Shelby G.T. 350 Comes Home After Nearly 50 Years

You Can Go Home Again But Doing So Took This G.T. 350 Nearly 50 Years ... read more



1965 Ford Mustang Coupe Restomod



Driving the Fantastic, Four-Wheel Drive 1965 Ford Mustang

Olivier Cerf's Tampa Bay Automobile Museum has the only prototype four-wheel-drive pony car known to exist ... read more



The Saga of the 1965 Mustang Wagon

Yes, a 1965 Mustang station wagon did exist (well, sort of) and people have been making replicas ever since ... read more



A 700hp 1965 Mustang Fastback Built to Thrill

A Coyote’s Wail: With a mighty 700hp Edelbrock-supercharged Coyote crate engine, this GT700S has a big bark ... read more



Rare Air: A Two-Owner 1965 K-Code Ford Mustang Convertible

Special K: Any 1965-1966 K-code Mustang is a rare car, but a Raven Black convertible is nearly unicorn status ... read more



One-owner 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback is Also a Guy's First Car

Survivor Story: This one-family fastback is remarkably well preserved ... read more



Couple reunited with '65 Mustang, 50 years later

Fifty years after driving away from their wedding in a 1965 Mustang, this couple never thought they'd see it again. What their daughters did for them on their anniversary had everyone in awe... read more



The Story Behind the Iconic 1965 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350

The 1965 Shelby GT350 had a 306-horsepower V8 Engine and was available in just one color scheme that helped make it instantly recognizable. These cars were all Wimbledon White with Guardsman Blue rocker stripes or, for about 28 percent of those produced, Le Mans top stripes that ran the length of the whole car. The cars were often called Cobras in reference to the two-seater sports cars Shelby also produced at the time... read more



Racing a 1965 Mustang down memory lane

Terry Maxfield recently returned her 1965 Mustang to the dealership that sold it to her 50 years ago, preserving it as a showpiece. Watch as Terry reminisces about her Mustang love affair and takes a farewell joyride in the iconic Pony car ... read more/watch video


Screaming Red 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback That Gets Driven, and Driven Fast

Pitch-Perfect Pony: The Goldilocks of Go, Bob Austin’s 1965 is just right the third time around ... read more



1965 Mustang GT




1965 Shelby GT350 - Shelby hiked the horsepower from 271 to 306. That kind of power in a 2,800-pound car gave exciting acceleration: 0-60 mph came in 6.5 seconds and the quarter mile in 14.9 at 95 mph. Top speed was 126.




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