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1989 Ford Mustangs Gallery


Wylie Clough's 1989 Ford Mustang GT

After looking at several ragged-out examples, Wylie found an all-original '89 GT on eBay ... read more



Custom 1989 Ford Mustang "Boss 5.0" Roadster

This custom 1989 Ford Mustang "Boss 5.0" is said to be one of only six cars so completed by GB Motorsports ... read more



Tim Foreman’s 1989 Fox Mustang of Many Colors

Tim Foreman’s 1989 Fox Mustang proves you can have something a little different, and still be cool ... read more



ProCharger-Blown, 648-rwhp Stroker 1989 Fox Coupe

George Denya, Jr’s 1989 Mustang LX boasts a 347 under the hood ... read more



A true one owner 1989 Ford Mustang LX

Granted, every Fox Mustang is great, but one person who thought 1989 was the perfect year to buy a Mustang is Alex Markou ... read more



1989 Ford Mustang Saleen SSC

Built in 1989 for only one model year, Saleen’s SSC Ford Mustang (“Saleen Super Car”) was an unofficial tribute of sorts to 25 years of Mustang production. Only 161 were produced by the Southern California speed shop, and in their day they were quick performers, thanks to some hearty engine and suspension work ... read more



A Garage-Built Father and Son 1989 Fox-Body Mustang Coupe

Mock Daddy: This garage-built 1989 Fox-body coupe was a collaborative effort between father and son ... read more



1989 Mustang GT



1989 Saleen Mustang SSC


1989 JBA Dominator GTA Mustang






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