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1991 Ford Mustangs Gallery


Clean Fox Mustang LX coupe runs mid-4s in X275 competition

Single-Turbo, 4-second, X275 1991 Mustang coupe ... read more



Mark Archila says his 1991 Fox coupe doesn’t get out much

Anti-Social Coupe ... read more



Coyote-Swapped 1991 Fox Mustang LX Coupe Pulls Like a Freight Train

Freight Lifer ... read more



Why the Fox-Body Mustang Is the Next Big Collector's Car You Should Buy (Now)

For enthusiasts who grew up with the 5.0L, Foxes are affordable (for now) soon-to-be classics that come packed with nostalgia ... read more


Ray Blankenship's Wide 1991 Ford Mustang LX Stands Out

Ray Blankenship's Unique Fat Fox Is Built For The Track ... read more



1991 Mustang GT - new 5-spoke 16x7 inch “pony” aluminum wheels; 225 HP @ 4000 RPM, 300 lb-ft @ 3000 RPM





1991 Mustang GT convertible


1991 Mustang LX 5.0 convertible


1991 Mustang LX 5.0 hatchback


1991 Mustang LX convertible



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