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1993 Ford Mustangs Gallery


With the 1993 Ford Mustang Cobra, The Aging Fox Body Kept Kicking Ass

In 1993, the all-new SN95 Mustang was one year away. But Ford's SVT team had some last tricks for the outgoing Fox-body platform ... read more


Jay Tucker’s 1993 Mustang Cobra Redo

The JLT Performance main man rescues an example of the pinnacle of the Fox era ... read more



1993 Ford Mustang Cobra Is Garage Built, Street Driven & Race Ready

Chad Winfield’s’ vibrant red modular-powered 1993 Cobra ... read more



1993 Fox-Body Saleen-Influenced Custom Mustang Convertible

Black-Drop: A Saleen-influenced custom convertible built with everything this owner could dream up ... and then some ... read more



Joel Raghoo’s Turbo Packing 1993 Fox-body Mustang

Relentless: Nitro Joel Raghoo Is a Renaissance man ... read more



Harris Lue turns 1993 Ford Mustang LX into ‘Unorthodox Fox’ 2.3L Turbo

Harris Lue is a graphics artist out of Waco, Texas, whose passion for Mustang has helped him build a cool car – and career. When he was just 15 back in 2007, Harris purchased a well-worn 1993 Mustang for $700. Little by little over the years he has turned his high-mile four-cylinder Mustang into a turbocharged street stunner ... read more



1993 Ford Mustang Fox-Coupe Is an 8-Second Beast

It’s Only Getting Better: Proof that former project cars don’t always fall into the wrong hands ... read more



One of Just 6 Fox-Body Saleens Ever Built in Bright Calypso Green

Tom Rice had locked onto a favorite Mustang genre ... until this 1993 Saleen came along ... read more



1993 Mustang GT - Last year of the Fox-chassis based 5.0's, 205 HP @ 4200 RPM, 275 lb-ft @ 3000 RPM





1993 Mustang GT convertible



1993 Mustang LX 5.0 Special Edition


1993 Mustang SVT Cobra - 5.0L V8, producing 235 HP and 280 lb-ft of torque







1993 Mustang SVT Cobra R - So what makes the 1993 SVT Cobra R so special? For starters, just 107 were produced, making it one of the rarest Mustangs ever built by Ford. The 235-horsepower 5.0-liter V8 is the same powerplant as the one in the standard Cobra, but the R model had less weight to push around thanks to the removal of the rear seats, radio, air conditioning, foglights and all sound deadening material. Ford also fitted the Cobra R with adjustable Koni shocks, larger front and rear brakes, 17-inch wheels shod with Goodyear tires, an external engine oil cooler and power steering fluid cooler, aluminum radiator and more.



1993 Saleen Mustang



1993 Saleen Mustang SC





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