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1997 Ford Mustangs Gallery


Shelby Built A One-Off, Supercharged 1997 Ford Mustang

Shelby built a one-off 1997 Shelby Mustang called the Red Racer for Joseph Tice of Central Texas ... read more



This 1997 SVT Cobra Has Never Been Washed or Rained On

Jon-Ross Todd, from St. George in Ontario, Canada, is the proud owner of this 1997 SVT Cobra, which has never seen rain and hasn’t been washed once ... read more


Fran and Becky Cosentino's 1997 “Woodward Dream Cruise” Ford Mustang convertible

Fran and Becky Cosentino of Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania, own and show this 1997 “Woodward Dream Cruise” Ford Mustang convertible – which is #12 of 58 built. (The mix was 32 convertibles and 26 coupes.) ... read more



Donnie Huth’s 1997 Mustang Cobra is Modified From Nose to Tail

No one ever buys a Mustang, and leaves it stock ... read more



1997 Mustang GT - 4.6L SOHC V8, 215 HP @ 4,400 RPM, 285 lb-ft @ 3,500 RPM



1997 Mustang SVT Cobra - 4.6L DOHC V8, 305 hp @ 5800 RPM, 300 lb-ft @ 4800 RPM





1997 Saleen Mustang S-281


1997 Saleen Mustang S-351



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