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2000 Ford Mustangs Gallery


Driving A 431HP 2000 Cobra R Modded With Prototype Parts

Shades of beige blur by as a red rocketship blasts through the Arizona desert. Banging through six gears the 5.4-liter engine soars toward 7,000 rpm, the 2000 Cobra R proved that its 170-plus-mph top speed rating might have been an understatement. It felt stable as the red speedometer needle climbed toward the last number on the 180 mph dial ... read more



The Cobra R Was The Ultimate Mustang Of The Early 2000s

For $54,995 of your hard-earned, dot-com bubble dollars, you could buy the most track-focused Mustang yet built ... read more


The 2000 Ford Mustang Cobra R is One Mean Future Classic

With only 300 built in full for the year 2000, the Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R was the the third iteration in a seriously quick Mustang lineage ... read more



2000 Mustang GT



2000 SVT Cobra R





2000 Saleen S281



2000 Saleen SR


2000 SVT "Mystic Gold" Cobra (never happened)



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