Car Show Mustangs

2014 AmericanMuscle Mustang Show - Malvern, PA (August 24th, 2014)


- Vaughn Gittin Jr. returned to sign autographs, meet fans and reveal his 2015 RTR Mustang for the first time to the public
- Chip Foose gave away our SEMA car Project MMD to Zachary Villareal of Alice, Texas
- “Pass Time” Host Brett “Big Schwag” Wagner was one of the car show’s hosts
- 2,600 Mustangs came, 10,000+ Spectators attended
- $35,503.02 was raised and donated to the Special Olympics
- Over $20,000 worth of prizes where given away
- A burnout contest, revving contest, and dyno competition showed off some of the best Mustangs
- Best in class awards were presented to each generation of Mustang, with Chip Foose and Vaughn Gittin Jr. awarding their Best in Show Pick
- Free AmericanMuscle themed tattoos were done at the show all day long




























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