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Burnouts Gallery


Burnouts are cool, no doubt.  Here's how to transform your tires into plumes of smoke and paint some black lines on the asphalt:

  Turn off your traction control, if you have it.

  If your car has an automatic transmission, you need to put just enough (only enough) pressure with your left foot on the brake pedal to keep the car stationary, while slowly depressing the throttle with your right foot.  Once the rear tires begin to spin slowly, mat the gas and adjust the brake pressure to maintain position.

  If you're driving a manual transmission, it's a great deal harder.  Press the clutch pedal to the floor with your left foot.  Select first gear.  Use only the big toe of your right foot on the brake (with the same objective as above), and the heel/side of your right foot on the throttle to bring the revs up (to about 4,000 rpm).  Quickly let the clutch off the floor (rear wheels should begin to spin).  Roll your right foot to the throttle pedal, while placing your left foot square on the brake.  Again, modulate brake pressure to keep the car stationary with the rears spinning.

OK, enough talk, now let's smoke 'em like someone else is paying for the tires...


ProCharger Livens Up an S550 Mustang with their All-New P-1X Supercharger

1-2-3 ... BOOST! ... read more


2017 Ford Mustang Roush RS3 Burnout


AmericanMuscle’s 2016 Burnout Contest

Held in conjunction with its annual Mustang show, the competitors do not disappoint ... read more



RWD Burnouts

2015 Mustang GT Burnout


2012 Shelby GT500 Burnout


2012 Mustang Boss 302 Burnout


2012 Shelby GT350 Burnout


2011 Mustang GT Burnout



2011 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 vs. 1992 Ford Mustang GT 5.0: Burnout Battle!


2011 Mustang V6 Burnout


2010 Mustang GT Burnout



2009 Mustang GT Burnout


S197 Mustang Burnout


Shelby GT500 Burnout


2007 Shelby Mustang GT-H Burnout


2006 Mustang GT Burnout


2005 Mustang GT Burnout



2003 SVT Cobra Burnout


Mustang GT Convertible Burnout


1991 Mustang GT Burnout


1989 Mustang GT Burnout


1988 Mustang GT Burnout


1987 Mustang GT Burnout


1970 Shelby GT500 Burnout



1968 "Bullitt" Burnout


2005 SVT Lightning Concept Burnout


2005 Ford GT Burnout


2005 Chevrolet Corvette Burnout


Chevette Burnout


2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8 Burnout


Dale Junior Burnout (NASCAR-style)


"Pimp My Burnout"



FWD Burnouts

If you're driving a FWD vehicle, it couldn't be easier to pull off a nice burnout, even without serious horsepower... Just pull the emergency (parking) brake, and "put the pedal to the metal"...

SVT Contour Burnout


Shelby Charger Burnout


Beetle Burnout (talk about "Beetle Juice"!)



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