Opal Frost Mustang Registry (OFMR) Member # 00009


Stang Stats:

bullet2001 PI heads
bulletExtrude honed 2001 Bullitt intake and throttle body assembly
bullet2001 Cobra clutch/pressure plate
bulletMarch underdrive pulleys
bulletMAC cold air intake
bullet1996 Cobra strut tower brace
bulletCobra front brakes
bulletKenny Brown Extreme Matrix brace kit
bulletOff-road H-pipe with stock cat-back
bullet2001 Cobra leather seats
bulletTwo-tone leather steering wheel
bulletBullitt Shifter knob
bulletBullitt pedals
bulletBullitt fuel door
bulletMAC white face gauges
bullet1999 Mustang convertible top pneumatics
bullet1996 Cobra clear front headlights


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