Opal Frost Mustang Registry (OFMR) Member # 00029

Stang Stat(s):

"That's funny... When I first got this car, about 9 yrs, ago I got into an argument with a local dealer.  I was trying to order some touchup paint and according to him, WJ Opal Frost was not available in 1995.

I have been drag racing the car all over the eastern part of the country in the last 3 years.  Besides people being impressed with the performance, I get more questions and compliments on the paint: "What is that color?", "I didn't know they made a Cobra that color?" (Car is a Cobra Clone)

I ran in Factory Stock in March this year with 120K+ shortblock, steel GT40P heads (cut to 52cc, no port work), untouched junkyard Explorer intake, stock cam, 1.7 rockers, Anderson PMS... made 299 rwhp, hot lapping (cause that's the way I race) on the dyno.  With a cool down, would easily be over 300 rwhp.  Still has working AC and Mach 460 Stereo!

The biggest problem with the 94/95 is the stock computer setup.  I went the Chip route, then the Extender... If you plan on keeping your car and making mods, spend the money once and wisely... I would recommend going with an Anderson PMS."


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