Opal Frost Mustang Registry (OFMR) Member # 00104



Stang Stats:

- 1994 "Opal Frost" Mustang GT coupe

- "The car is loved, my third Stang by age 20. Power moonroof, 5-speed manual, two-tone interior, factory audio system (cassette and CD), all factory lighting, factory aluminum 17-inch wheels, lumbar seats, cruise control, power windows and mirrors, even has ABS. Pretty loaded for the year. And Opal Frost. Did I mention... It has 250,000 miles on it! Fact that the door hinges aren't worn, and the headlights are clear is impressive enough for the mileage."

- "As you can, the engine isn't all factory for 94, but is still 99% Ford with the exception of the BBK CAI, Stage 2 clutch, and aluminum flywheel. Ford Racing E303 cam, Explorer intake, GT40P heads, Ford black EV6 24 lb injectors off a DOHC 4.6 (I cheated lol, gotta know where to look), Headers for the "P" heads, 2.5 inch catted H pipe, cat-back to come, and a tune."

- "The Laser red one is a 96 with a 97 engine (97+3.8s are so much better). A few little things done, intake exhaust, tune, MSD ignition, and a couple small odds and ends. V6 in the winter, but I keep it clean."


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