Opal Frost Mustang Registry (OFMR) Member # 00111


Stang Stats:

-1996 Ford Mustang GT convertible

"I just found this registry. I am the second owner of this car. I bought it in September of 1999 with less than 36,000 miles on it. It now has 72,000.

It was produced with the Japanese spec fender flares and the mid door moldings, along with a few other adds. You could ask for the Japanese export kit for domestic use as a special order. The factory taped a piece of paper to the windshield to indicate this. I have the amber fender signals still in their original bag somewhere along with the Japanese under hood labels. I mistakenly disposed of the tail lights with Amber signals years ago in a move. Neither of the lights were ever mounted on the car. The widened rocker that came with the export kit was not pleasing to the first owner who immediately had the SVO pipes and the style bar put on. There aren't many of these that were build this way. There are some that were add on from Ford Racing, and in my opinion makes them no different since it was mainly cosmetic.

Recently I put American Muscle 18x9 and 18x10 10th Anniversary replica wheels on it along with Ford Racing B Springs and camber caster plates."




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