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Road Rage Gallery


Make It Stop! Ford Mustang Used as a Dance Floor for Pet Goat

Animals can be adorable as well as destructive, but goats tend to fall into the destructive category more often than not. It appears that a goat owner was so impressed by her animal’s “dance” moves, that she felt the need to record the animal’s actions for YouTube. However, the only problem with the dancing goat, was its choice of performance space -- the decklid, roof, and hood of a Ford Mustang ... read more


1999 'Astang Martin'

This Stang started out as a 1999 Ford Mustang (SN-95) GT five-speed, and at some point crossed paths with a Aston Martin Vanquish, morphing into an 'Astang Martin' ... read more



Even Porsches Aren’t Immune From Coyote Swaps

Although one can classify both the Ford Mustang and Porsche Cayman S as “sports cars”, the two vehicles share little else in common aside at first glance. But what happens when the two cars cross paths in an unholy union of metal fabrication, German chassis design and raw American V8 horsepower? Fortunately, Florida has once again provided the answer to a question nobody was asking until now ... read more



Corvamarostang? Mustorvettaro? Camustvette? Vettestangaro?

The car appears to have started life as a Camaro, and then had the Mustang face grafted on, and then a Corvette ass ... read more


1 Horsepower


'57 Caddy with Bra


Beemer Backup


Budweiser Mustang


Camaroghini (when you want to be driving a Lamborghini, but can only afford a Camaro)



Car Sideways


Corvette vs. Dakota

Your hot rod Corvette will need a trip to the nearest body shop and auto parts store after an accident such as this.


Downforce Much?


Drawbridge - Car Stuck


Fiero Dragster


Ford F150 vs Ferrari




Mustang Cut-up


Mustang Cycle



Mustang Pool Table



Mustang Station Wagon






Pickup Truck Lowrider


Pickup Truck vs. Sinkhole


Pimp My Chevy


Pimp My Escalade


Porsche Bath


Porsche Flower Rims


Puddle Danger


Puddle Splasher


Shelby GT500KR Golf Cart



Submerged Utility Vehicle (SUV)


Taurus vs. Wrecking Ball




Van vs Pump


Vette Limo


VW "BeetleRocket"


VW Burnout



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