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SVT Lightning Gallery


Nathan Findlay’s 2003 Ford Lightning is built to haul in more ways than one

Greased lightning ... read more




Kevin Dupoux’s Whipple-Blown SVT Lightning Is Chasing The Nines

The truck that does it all! Kevin Dupoux's 2004 SVT Lightning tows his 24-foot boat and trailer and makes 10-sec runs ... read more



Paul Barrow's 2001 Ford F-150 SVT Lightning

Paul Barrow of Livermore, California, has driven some fine Fords over the years since starting off with a 1960 Starliner. But he amped-up the fun factor in his life after buying a new Ford F-150 SVT Lightning back in 2001 ... read more



Garage-Built, 427-Windsor-Powered, First-Gen 1993 Ford F-150 Lightning

The Bay Area Bolt: A Garage-Built, 427-Windsor-Powered, First-Gen 1993 Ford Lightning ... read more



This 2003 Ford Lightning Does It All From Tow to Go to Show

Tow Truck, Go Truck, Show Truck: Clean, concise, and riding on air, this is one wicked white Lightning ... read more



2005 SVT Lightning (concept only - never happened)



2004 SVT Lightning (380 hp, 450 lb/ft of torque)





2003 SVT Lightning (380 hp, 450 lb/ft of torque)


2001 SVT Lightning (380 HP, 450 lb/ft of torque)






2000 SVT Lightning (360 HP, 440 lb/ft of torque)




1999 SVT Lightning


1993 SVT Lightning



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